Designed By Goalies For Goalies

Six Unique Models To Choose From

Its Your Head – You Decide!

Why Choose Masked Marvel?

Michigan Owned, Canadian Built Since 2004

Quality and attention to detail in every mask at a price you can afford!

Amazing Fit

Meticulously designed and built to provide superior fit, feel and protection.

Masked Marvel Proudly Congratulates Team USA Customer

Jen Lee – Paralympic Gold Medalist!

Buying a Masked Marvel Goalie Helmet

Get Your Own!

We’re a company that believes strongly in customer service at a personal level. We don’t want you to just ‘click a button – get a box.’ Masked Marvel Goalie Helmets wants to make sure you’re getting the perfect fit, with the options that will help you feel confident in your game. Click to email us with your contact information and we’ll contact you with follow up questions to make sure you’re getting EXACTLY what your hard earned money deserves! If you want to copy/paste our contact information, please email:

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