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The Masked Marvel Goalie Helmet slogan reveals the interior of this company’s heart and soul, Designed By Goalies For Goalies. Company owners Joe Messina and Stan Matwijiw give each goalie mask the attention and detail they deserve to be considered by many as one of the premier goalie mask manufactures in North America since 2004. Each Masked Marvel Goalie Helmet is handcrafted in Canada using superior materials to give you the fit, feel and protection you deserve at a price you can afford.

Goaltending is our life, Stan and I have always wanted to design a goalie mask that would not only be suitable for the pros but goalies playing minor hockey too. Our aim is to provide a mask for all ages that includes unparalleled fit, feel and protection” Messina said. Messina’s business partner, Stan Matwijiw, is not only the goalie coach for the Flint Firebirds of the Ontario Hockey League but also the Director of one of North America’s premier goalie schools, Bandits Goalie School which is based out of Michigan.  “We listened to a lot of goalies likes and dislikes about goalie masks, took their advice and that’s how the slogan came about, Designed By Goalies For Goalies. Each mask model has had many twists and turns along the way throughout the years but we stayed true to our word and gave goalies what they asked for from the start, an affordable goalie mask that fits well and was extremely durable” added Matwijiw.

The actual shell of a Masked Marvel is constructed using state of the art materials. The sheer strength, balance and weight of this mask design are truly unmatchable. Masks can be ordered with either a stainless steel amateur cage or a pro cat eye cage. Masked Marvels also sells an upgradable titanium cage option which comes in either a amateur cage or a pro cat eye option. Titanium is 2X lighter then steel and 10X stronger.

To reach consistency, durability and strength, each mask shell is molded with a predetermined amount of fiber and proprietary hybrid resin. Each mask shell is meticulousness cut, which in turn provides consistent trimming and promotes additional strength throughout the entire mask. The triangular vent holes in the mask’s chin area and the cage drill holes in the forehead have been removed to again add additional strength and durability in the overall shell construction.

The inside of the mask is crafted just as detailed as the outside. Every mask comes with a comforting sweatband that pulls away moisture from the forehead. Each Masked Marvel shell is foamed with shock absorbing Nitrile Vinyl closed cell foam. Masks are meticulously assembled individually to guarantee fit, feel and protection. “We looked at a lot of our students masks at our goalie school and majority of them had masks that were not fitted properly, damaged and even falling apart. We wanted to fix these problems but more importantly wanted to protect the most important part on their body at all times, their head,” Messina added.

From overall weight, fit and unbelievable protection, Masked Marvels are truly worth every penny.  “We urge parents and potential goalies to keep one thing in mind when selecting a goalie mask…. It’s Your Head, You Decide! Do your research, ask a lot of questions and pick a mask that is suitable for you” added Matwijiw.


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